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Meet Jole At TrufflesnBacon May 21st, 2015 "Enjoy Fine Art and Fine Food" everything kicks off @ 2:30pm until 4:00pm. Select pieces of Jole's art will be on display. Don't miss this opportunity to see them in person. Although the magnificence of these large works can not be denied, we are happy to announce that these works are now available as Giclee prints. We can print any of Jole's artwork in a size to fit your wall and your budget. You can always have a piece created just for you to fit your personality and your decor. Jole is availavble for commisioned work.

BIOGRAPHY JOLE: Abstract Impressionistic Artist, Media: Oil On Canvas:

Artist Jole: is one of today’s most collectable artist, known for his large canvases of Abstract Impressionistic Paintings, His painting sets ones eye in motion, searching, seeking and observing. It takes a keen eye to find the subtle images, messages, and mystery which can be found in Jole’s Explosive Colors of Nature. His works reminds one of the famous Artist Monet

About the Artist Jole: Winning his first kids art show at the age of 9 Jole created an excellent portrait of President Kennedy

and,continued winning more awards for landscapes, portraits and abstracts. In his teens he became a famous soccer player in his town believing that was his destiny, little did he know that art had already captured his soul and that one day he would become a famous Artist known for his Abstract Impressionistic Art.

Jole was Born in Yugoslavia, Albanian decent. His studies in Art began at a Local Art School in former Yugoslavia

He left Yugoslavia in1969 moving to Rome where he studied with many famous artist, in Florence and Venice, spending long hours in Europe visiting numerous museums and working with some of the best abstract impressionistic artist for 2 years.

Jole moved to the United Stated and made New York City his home for many years where he spent countless hours creating and learning new techniques, becoming a true Master of Abstract Impressionistic Art. As Jole’s demands for his painting grew so did his creative eye capturing Explosive Vibrant Colors of Nature.

Gallery Exhibitions Lale’s Space, Radwill Gallery, RdJ Gallery, and Lale’s Studio New York.

In 2000 Jole came to Las Vegas with the idea of retiring from painting not realizing that he would be starting a new explosive style of impressionistic art capturing the essence and beauty of the desert. In 2006 he made Las Vegas his permanent residence.

Artist Quote: I express myself best on a large canvas, refusing to give my paintings names allowing each person to see something different. I start the dialogue with my painting by saying, “You will be different” I then proceed to dress them in their finest clothing. My paintings are complete when my canvas says, “it is done”. This is my moment of detachment. I feel complimented when my client asks, “What is it?”

For Information On Purchasing/Commissioning Art Or Dates of Upcoming Shows/Events Contact Pirkko Vaisanen @ Cell 917-734-9421 - Email your Interest / Request to - Pirkko Vaisanen.